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    I have a great question for all of you readers out there. Please feel free to e-mail me at Ok well anyways I&#039m looking for male pals are you out there? any range from about <BR>38-52 I&#039m 46 myself. I enjoy many things. Such as Golfing when I have the time. Teaching my dog Bronder ( his name) new things. He know&#039s how to play fetch, roll over, sit, give ya his paw and all this great stuff. I also like to sneek a peak at a little porn. Hey I&#039m a guy. Don&#039t blame me. I am currently single. I just got out of a long relationship about a year ago. I&#039m fine so don&#039t worry. I love The Broncos ( football) The Yankees ( Baseball) and Wakeforest ( Basketball) I am from Rochester, but live in North Carolina, my Job brought me here. If u wanna hear more please e-mail me at<BR><BR><BR><BR>Thanks and have a wonderful and blessed day.<BR><BR><BR><BR>Please do e-mail me. Thanks again

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    You want

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