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    Hi,<BR> Continuing further from my post yesterday.......<BR>I have a COM object which performs one insert at a time and returns back the error code whether the insert was successful or not. I have my asp page in which i am calling the insert function in my COM object for performing a series of inserts. I dont want to execute any further inserts if any of the previous insert fails. How do i do it???<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR>-Suri<BR><BR>

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    As akhilesh said yesterday, u have to do even the rolling back part inside the COM.You can&#039t control it from your ASP.the moment COM returns you a value confirms the commit of that cann&#039t do anything to make it rollback from ASP.<BR><BR>The connection opened by the COM is totally different from the one you want to open and rollback.

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