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    I have a quick question after reading the article, "Are Session Variables Really Evil?". If you are creating an shopping cart application what should you use if session variables are truly evil.

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    Default to a point they are evil...

    but if you are doing a shopping cart, use sessions definately, just LIMIT them to one or two a user or else your server will crawl...that&#039s my experience w/ shopping carts!!

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    Default MS recommends...

    ...that you use a cookie or hidden form field to identify the user and then use a temporary DB table as a substitute for the Session info.<BR><BR>&#060;SHRUG&#062;Do the math.&#060;/SHRUG&#062;<BR><BR>Figure out how many bytes you will need (on average) for each user. Figure out how many users you can expect at the same time. Multiply. Buy that much additional RAM for your machine. Use Session variables. If you can&#039t put that much more RAM in the machine, then it&#039s *certainly* time to listen to MS.<BR><BR>

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