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    Akhilesh(or whatever your name is).<BR>Why is it your business if people crosspost messages ??? Are you saving space or something ? I hate people like you with passion. Hope this Christmas will be terrible for you. ...Dont bother responding, I&#039m not coming back

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    Was that Grinch????<BR><BR>Merry Christmas all :)

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    Default Why crossposting is evil...

    You post the same question in two (or more) places. Somebody takes 30 minutes to generate an answer to your question (believe me, I&#039ve spent that long on *some* of my answers!). And then they discover you&#039d already gotten an answer in the other forum!<BR><BR>When you crosspost, the *only* thing you get out of it is a way to irritate people who are *trying* to help you.<BR><BR>So I, too, slam down crossposters.<BR><BR>-- A hater of AK-haters!

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