I have shared web hosting, with ASP support, and my host has enabled caching for all scripted content.<BR><BR>To those of you who don&#039t know what I am talking about, here is their description:<BR><BR>"...we have ASP hits set to 500 in IIS. What that means is that 500 asp pages must be accessed before the server will clear this asp cache automatically."<BR><BR>This is for performance reasons, and I don&#039t object to it for a large site that gets many hits. My site though is still in production and even when it opens, I expect a low volume of hits (initially). I don&#039t want our supposedly &#039dynamic&#039 content to stagnate while 500 more people have to see it to get an update.<BR><BR>First, to you ASP/Server gurus, is there a workaround to this (other than renaming the file each time I make a change)? Maybe some code I can include in my scripts?<BR><BR>Secondly, is this practice common to web hosts? I have had previous hosts that didn&#039t do this, and it has become annoying enough that I am considering moving elsewhere.<BR><BR>Thanks a bunch, as always.<BR><BR>- Matt Sielski -<BR>