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    John Reynolds Guest

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    Is there any way to override NT authentication on demand? For example, I have a login set up using sessions. One of these logins is a super administrator and should have access on all machines, even if they&#039re not authenticated by NT. NT authentication IS enabled. I am looking for a way to do this without disabling NT authentication just for security reasons. I know I can do it without doing that, but is there a way to do this?<BR><BR>Thanks, and happy holidays! :)<BR>John

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    John Reynolds Guest

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    Just thought of something ... I can&#039t access the ASP file to begin with if the user doesn&#039t have NT access. So, I&#039m creating another folder where everyone has access, but they have to login via that file that they do have access to. The only problem here is we run into the problem that they don&#039t have access in the other files we&#039re trying to override. Any ideas?? Is this at all possible?? I doubt it :).<BR><BR>-John

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    PratQ Guest

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    To be honest, I dont exactly understand what you are trying to accomplish, or how you are managing login via sessions now. But, if you want to run ASP code as a user other than the one NT identifies as the user, you can get a third party component that will allow you to specify the account under which you want to run.<BR><BR>In other words, you could look for a particular condition (userid, etc), and decide that this guy is a super-admin, then you can instantiate the component, and run the page with Admin rights, even if the user account on that machine was not an Admin.<BR><BR>Software Artisians has this ability built into their filemanager component. There are also other components available out there that all they do is this type of login. But I like SA products. The URL is.<BR><BR>http://www.softartisans.com/safilemanager.html

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