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    Hi,<BR><BR>I am a regular subscriber of the 4guysfromrolla news-letter, which mentioned Ian Stalling&#039s article on &#039Using Java With ASP&#039 in this issue. <BR><BR>Here is the URL of Ian&#039s article:<BR><BR><BR>Most web-servers do not allow us to access c:winntjava rustlib<BR>So how can I use a Java program without having to talk to my SA? Also, isn&#039t there any way by which I can use a Java class file located in my website&#039s home directory? or to use a component without regsvr?

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    Short answer -- no. Most ISP won&#039t allow you to place a custom component on their site with good reason. You&#039d have free will to do whatever you wanted to their servers.<BR><BR>Perhaps you can find a hosting service that accepts these... but be forewarned, you&#039re going to have to pay their engineers to sift through your code before they allow it.

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