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    2 q&#039s<BR><BR>1)For a email component, what does the priority (hi,low,normal) property signify ? How does it work ?<BR><BR>2) how can we know whether the receipient has read the is the feature implemented<BR><BR>thanx<BR>

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    That&#039s an answer that is specific to the email program the recipients are using. I don&#039t know what other programs support it, but in the Outlook series of programs there is a low, default, and high priority associated with every message. In Outlook 98 there are about 6 or 7 fields at the top of the menu for each message including who it is from, when it was received, etc. One of these is an exclamation point and that represents the priority of the message. There is a blue arrow for low, nothing for default/normal, and a red exclamtion point for high.

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