Ian ..... Response.contenttype object not working fine.<BR><BR>Yesterday i had got all the syntax to be used while trying to open a file using response.contenttype="application/msword" etc.<BR>gif/excel/rtf/htm/html are working fine.<BR><BR>However i tried to open a pdf file. i could open a pdf file in netscape but not in IE. as far as the "text/plain" for txt is concerned it too was not working and in both the browsers. the browser was opening the file in my VisualInterdev as a misc project.<BR><BR>do we require any other MIME type setting or Response.buffer etc. Does the IIS require some special settings.<BR><BR>i have to open a wide veriety of files like hlp/zip/pdf/exe/dll/java/bas/jpeg/bmp etc<BR><BR>somebody please help me<BR><BR>aditya