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    Hi,<BR>I have a big task ahead.<BR>I have a shopping cart which processes customer information and product information in sql server at back end.<BR>Now I also have to use a 3rd party to handle shipping and inventory. Now I have to make the customer information and the product he chooses to go to the 3rd party&#039s web site.<BR>All I have to do is pass the customerinformation with comma delimited file seperating each fiels and sending it to them.<BR>How do I pass the information to the comma delimited txt file from an asp file.?and at the same time the information should be stored in my sql server too.<BR>Also, the whole process should be automated.<BR>can anyone help me?<BR>Thanks<BR>

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    U can use the FileSystemObject to create a text file in ASP and then send this text file. check out MSDN for more documentation on this object.<BR><BR>Does this help?<BR>

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