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    Hi,<BR><BR>I want to build a menu directely from database means if something is changed in database it should reflect immediately to the menu and also redirect page when the user click on desired option.If somebody knows about this please help me out.

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    Hi,<BR><BR>This is a pretty trivial task and can be done with either a database solution or a delimited file using FileSystemObject.<BR><BR>Going with a FileSystemObject approach you could have a file that has Menu name on one line and link URL on the next and so on. If the menu system is simple this will work fine. You could have a file for each menu. Keeping the menu up to date can be done with a simple web interface that reads the file into a textarea in a form and allows editing to be saved back to the file.<BR><BR>The database solution can be much the same only the menu item name and URL are held in the db instead.<BR><BR>I&#039ve used both and would say that if you have a simple menu system the FileSystemObject might be prove to be less of a server overhead.........<BR><BR>I&#039m sure some of the gurus who read this might suggest it&#039s a little crude but it works a treat...<BR><BR>Dave

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