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    suresh Guest

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    I&#039m trying to print the attribute value of an element in ASP PAGE.<BR><BR>&#060;fname status="y"&#062;suresh&#060;/fname&#062;<BR>i want to print the status value in my asp page.<BR>how to access.<BR>response.write root.childnodes.item(0).childnodes(0).nodename<BR> prints "fname"<BR>I don&#039t know how to print status.<BR>can anyone please help me.<BR>thank you.<BR>suresh P

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    Eggy Guest

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    I&#039ve been working with javascript based xml lately so I may be wrong with this. Your code appears to be correct up to the nodename....try nodeAttribute.value and that might bring it also that nodeAttrib(&#039status&#039) might be it instead however i&#039m not 100% sure since I&#039m just now beginning to use ASP for my XML

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