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    Does anyone know if there is a standard way to format dates in a query? By standard I mean works in multiple databases (ie Oracle, SQL Server, etc).<BR><BR>SELECT * FROM MYTABLE WHERE MYDATE = ????<BR><BR>I&#039ve always used &#039#10/11/2000#&#039 (or something like that I think) with Microsoft stuff, but that doesn&#039t work if you leave the MS world. Anyone know?

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    Default Nope.....No global way

    you have to pass # to access and &#039 to MSSQL you cannot pass both.<BR><BR>What i dont understand is why you wnat to do that. Wont you know what server you are going to access?? Based on that use the correct format

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    Ben Roy Guest

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    Actually, the funny part is it&#039s not even an ASP project. I&#039m working on the first java project of my life and having some SQL trouble. The issue is that it&#039s going to be changing servers/databases and I can&#039t recompile when it does, so I need a query that works for either. Oh well, I&#039ll have to figure something else out.

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