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    I was told not to use cookies in my apps cause users can have them turned off~ Use Session Vars instead. Now that said I come to learn ASP uses a cookie to pass Session vars!!!!!<BR><BR>So that leaves me with only QueryString coded Links or hidden fields in forms for a true cross browser cookie undependent app! <BR><BR>Is This Right?<BR><BR>Any way to FORCE a form to submit with JavaScript?<BR>

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    Correct, Session level variables use cookies. The only way you can push information across ASP webpages for users who don&#039t support cookies is to use the QueryString.<BR><BR>What do you mean, force a form to submit with JavaScript?<BR><BR>You can do:<BR><BR>&#060;FORM NAME="frmTest" ACTION="heythere.asp"><BR>&#060;/FORM><BR><BR>&#060;SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"><BR>document.frmTest.submit( );<BR>&#060;/SCRIPT><BR><BR>The above code will submit the form automatically when the page is loaded. Just use the submit() method to do it!

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