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    NTBird Guest

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    I have an ASP page that another web site posts data to using a DLL. The page works fine, since I can write the data to a file. But when I try to put this information in a database, it fails. So doing the normal troubleshooting, I write out the session variables that are set in the Global.asa file. What I found was that my connection string to the database was not set. In fact, none of the variables that use are set in the application_onstart are set. Has anyone experienced this before? How come my Global.asa is not firing? Any help would be appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR>

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    Bninan Guest

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    Check if your directory where u have global.asa and your other files is an IIS application. If it is not then you will have a problem, u can use the IIS interface and make it an application.Hope this helps.

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