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    Hi, I want to create on my site something like this<BR><BR>Home &#062; Health &#062; Diseases &#062; Cancer &#062; Prevention<BR><BR>(this will show at the top, always showing where in the site you are) How can this be done? Any help would be appreciated ;)<BR><BR>Davie B

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    Default You can try this..

    I just got this can try if u feel feasible<BR><BR>Requesr.ServerVariables("Script_Na me") will give u the virtual path of the page u are in let us say it is <BR><BR>/home/driving/test/engtest.asp<BR><BR>You construct a 2D array with pagenames and description like<BR>You can also do the same for the folders.<BR><BR> -- English<BR><BR>Once you do this, in every page you find the virtual path, replace the folders and files with the descriptions from the array once u loop through it.<BR><BR>This is an instant idea i got.think will work, and at the most u will have 100 pages in a moderate no delay in dispalying.<BR>

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