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    Anybody know where I can get a table of ADO function availability by version, as per for VBScript?<BR><BR>Some of the servers on the edges of our environment are on MDAC 2.0 (not my fault...), but I&#039m thinking that I remember something about .GetRows not being available until MDAC 2.1 (grrr) which would explain a certain error...<BR><BR>If anybody&#039s got a pointer (or the specific info), it&#039d be much appreciated.<BR><BR>SPG

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    I&#039ve never seen such a list but if there is one, it&#039d be here...<BR><BR><BR>Version 2.0 is also pretty bug-ridden. Why don&#039t you create a page, get a small recordset, try to suck it into an array with getrows, and see what happens? I&#039m 99% sure that it will work.

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