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    Venson Kuchipudi Guest

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    Is is possible to get the actual hit count of SELECT statement WHERE criteria in a recordset. I am trying to show the user how many times a particular word was found in a SQL server database rather than the number of records the word was found in.<BR><BR>In addition I would like to highlight these words when I display the results.<BR><BR>Anyone done this. I know many search engines do this and so does Index Server for web documents.

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    Jim Ritter Guest

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    Query using <BR>- select * from tblname where "" CONTAINS &#039your words&#039-<BR><BR>Then on the records returned, use regular expressions (RE) to get the exact count of the word your looking for. Then use DHTML to highlight the word found.<BR><BR>Hope this helps!<BR>Jim<BR>

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