Server.Transfer vs. Response.Redirect

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Thread: Server.Transfer vs. Response.Redirect

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    Default Server.Transfer vs. Response.Redirect

    What is the difference between server.transfer and response.redirect?

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    I am not too sure but i can tell you what little i know<BR><BR>Server.transfer is for ASP 3.0 . As far as know it does not work in the earlier virsioins of ASP<BR><BR>When you do a response.redirect the server sends to the browser giving the URL and and then the browesr requests the new page. In server.transfer the server from one page goes to the new page directly on the server the browser does not come into play. No round trip so obviously faster<BR><BR>All the parameters passed are sent to thin new page using server.transfer automatically but you will have to explicitly pass them using response.redirect. You cannot pass parameters using server.transfer<BR><BR>You can also transfer to an .asp page in another application using s.transfer but that new .asp page will behave behave as if it was part of the application that did the s.transfer<BR><BR>Coupled with server.execute you can use s.transfer run a page in another app and then continue with the current application. You cannot do that with response.redirect

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