Hi,<BR><BR> I have a web app with these framed structure:<BR> A,B-&#062;[B1,B2],C<BR><BR> When you press certain link on frame C, the whole B frame is replaced by a page (ISAPI dll) in a different server. The point is that when the dll session expires, the dll redirects the request to a page of the original server within frame B.<BR>But after I&#039m taken into the original situation, if I check the document.location property of frame B, it is still pointing at the dll server. <BR>Then, any javascript attempt of a page inside these frames to access any data in frame C, leads to &#039Acess denied&#039 error.<BR><BR><BR>Could anybody tell me why the .location property is not being refreshed when the dll session expires?? And the most strange thing is that although you navigate into pages in B frames, (reloading the B frame) the problem remains!!<BR><BR>Please help!!!<BR><BR> <BR>