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    Gemma Guest

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    I am using version 4.7 of Netscape to run my asp pages. Everything works fine in IE5, but after having taken out all the style sheet DIV tags to get it to look good in Netscape, I have found that my ASP code doesn&#039t work in the Netscape browser! The onChange events are not triggering and therefore no data is being pulled out. Everything is set up properly as is demonstrated by running the code in IE5. Any ideas - what am I missing? Thanks...

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    Netscape uses a similar, but different, object model to that of IE. As you&#039ve discovered it&#039s the bane of a web programmers life. A good book to get that covers this sort of stuff is "DHTML - The Definitive Guide" by O&#039Reilly.

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    Harish Guest

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    I hope u ar talking about the client script, written in VB SCRIPT<BR>WHICH doesnt work in netscape. There is no chance that ASP code does not work in netscape.Ur onchange event must be written in client side vbscript ,just change it to javascript code,u&#039ll see that working in netscape

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