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    My database is updated approx twice a week. Since the database isn&#039t updated very often I have two options of returning data to the client: <BR>1) Perform sql-queries directly for each request and display the recordsets <BR>2) Create html-text files (one for each of my 50-60 tables) at database updates and print out these files at each user request.<BR>3) Other options??<BR><BR>Can anyone please tell me some more about performance issues on these two options and what to choose?<BR><BR>When printing html-textfiles, is ASP TextStream Object the most efficient way to perform this task, or do I have other options?<BR>

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    The other option would be to use some sort of caching. Have a look at this article - http://www.asp101.com/misc/goto.asp?name=nf29_spcs<BR>...or look into a component like XCache - http://www.xcache.com<BR>I like the idea of producing HTML pages, though, it gives you the feeling of being more in control :-)

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