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    What is the difference between session variables & application variables?<BR>I know that sessions are used to store information of a single user where as applications are for multiple users.<BR>But still I am not clear on it as I have never used application variables practically, so can someone please give me a example of both especially a example where you can use a session & not an application & vice versa.<BR>A script code or a logical example , any would do.<BR>hav a great day<BR>Monica<BR>

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    Session variables are accessible from only within the session that created them (ie. they are unique per user). Application variables are always available from ASP pages that are within the application that created them (ie. inside the scope of the web site). To all intents and purposes this means that Application variables are ALWAYS accessible, like a global variable.<BR>I&#039d try to avoid making much use of either session or application variables though.

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