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    I have a website where I am counting the number of registrations in my site from the number of user ids present in my database.<BR>I am displaying this count on a webpage which can be only accessed by me.Now there is another site which has a link to my site & comes to the registration page of my site & user can also get registered from that link.<BR>But what I want to know is the count of users registered to my site coming directly from my home page & count of users registered to my site through the other site.<BR>Could you please let me know the logic or method for this query<BR>Thnk you for reading.<BR>

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    Check out Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_REFERER").<BR><BR>Th at value gives you the URL of the page that linked to or posted to your page. You can use the two different URLs you should see (your site and the other one) to distinguish where the registration came from and then add that as a field in your DB.<BR><BR>

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