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    I am using meta tag in my asp pages...I am giving the default time as 30 seconds..When the page is getting refreshed the msg box "this page is trying to send some information u wish to refresh .." is coming(normal) msg u get..<BR>Is there anyway i can avoid that?<BR>rkmuvva

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    The problem is that the *PRIOR* page did a FORM POST to get you to this page. You could solve this by changing the <BR>&#060;FORM METHOD="POST"&#062;<BR>on the prior page to<BR>&#060;FORM METHOD="GET"&#062;<BR>(and then using Request.QueryString instead of Request.Form) <BR><BR>*OR*<BR><BR>You could use an intermediate page that receives the FORM post, changes the posted values to Session variable values, and then does a Response.Redirect to the page that gets refreshed. The page that gets refreshed then gets its info from those Session variable values instead of from Request.Form.<BR><BR>In any case, the key is to get rid of Request.Form on the page that gets refreshed.<BR><BR>

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