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    Hello,<BR> I am giving value for a session variable in a page which resides in site say and this file redirects to another page which resides in but when i call the session variable in, it is not displaying the value(means it doesn&#039t have the value for that session variable).<BR> what can be the reason for this and how do i get the session variable value in some other site when it is declared in diferent site?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>keerthi

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    you can&#039t use session variables across sites. you&#039d have to pass information in the querystring or by a form POST<BR><BR>1. Session variables are held in server memory. switch server and lose variable<BR><BR>2. Sessions are tracked using cookies. cookie security means you can&#039t share them across domains<BR><BR><BR>j

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    Default Even *MORE* restrictive...

    &nbsp;<BR>3. Session variables are associated with both a user session *AND* an Application (that is, a virtual directory). Switch Applications, even on the same machine using the same server, and you lose the Session values.<BR><BR>

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