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    I think that this will work for you <BR>Allkeys = Rs.GetRows <BR>recCount=Ubound(AllKeys,2) + 1 <BR>Randomize <BR>choose = Int(Rnd * recCount) <BR><BR>hi, now my records are randomed but i am using a paging records system whcih has page 1, 2, 3,4. Each time i went into this random reords, a random set of records is retrieve and shown throughout the pges. HOWEVER, the first time when i go to page 1, records a, b, c, d,e are shown, and subesequent times when i choose page 1, different sets of records are given. <BR>What i want is for each random function being clicked, he random records are fixed NTIL the next time when i click on the random function again. Thanks

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    Please don&#039t start a new thread in order to respond to somebody else!<BR><BR>Find the message you want to respond to and then push the REPLY button. DO NOT START A NEW THREAD. Please???<BR><BR>

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    okay. sorry for the redundancy and etc...

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