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    WZJN Guest

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    Morning All,<BR><BR>I have been unable to dissect why this Ad Rotator program I&#039m taking from this site does not seem to want to cooperate. I am fairly new to ASP, but I did copy the program line for line and it does not work - I must be doing something wrong that I just do not see.<BR><BR>I am having a problem with it not taking me to the link it is supposed to. When I do click on the link it takes me to a completely different asp page - that asp page is in the same directory as the ad script! Huh?<BR><BR>Here is the rotateAds.asp (taken directly from the source):<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>Dim ad<BR>Set ad = Server.CreateObject("MSWC.AdRotator")<BR> Response.Write(ad.GetAdvertisement("rotateAds.txt" ))<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>Now the few lines of code for the rotateAds.txt:<BR>WIDTH 460<BR>HEIGHT 75<BR>BORDER 2<BR>*<BR><BR><BR>Redirect me back to WZJN!<BR>50<BR><BR><BR>Redirect me back to 4guysfromrolla!<BR>30<BR><BR><BR>Redirect me back to the WebMonkey!<BR>20<BR><BR>My understanding of this program, through the documentation, is that when I click on the image, I will be taken to the site listed for that gif. However, as I mention above, that is not the case. I can see a very long http string displayed on the bottom bar of my browser that&#039s obviously not the URL of the site I want to go to. That http string begins with the site am I testing from, a &#039?&#039, and the URL of the site I am *testing* from - *not* the URL of the site I want to launch to! <BR><BR>I expect that the status bar should look like this when I have my mouse over:<BR> and not:<BR><BR><BR><BR>Can anyone tell me what I am obviously missing? I did post this message before, but I&#039m afraid I was not articulate enough. I&#039ts maddening because it should be so simple! <BR><BR>Do I need to put it in a different location? Am I supposed to do some type of &#039setup&#039 that I don&#039t know about yet? Do I need to set variables somewhere? Am I supposed to access this in a way I don&#039t know about? Argggg!!!!!!<BR><BR>This can be viewed (so you can see the problem with the incorrect URL in the status bar) at:<BR><BR><BR><BR>I can&#039t thank you to all enough!<BR><BR>Kevin

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    Jairo Guest

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    WZJN,<BR>Add a redirect file.<BR><BR>Now the few lines of code for the rotateAds.txt:<BR>REDIRECT url &#060;--------- your asp redirect file.<BR>WIDTH 460<BR>HEIGHT 75<BR>BORDER 2<BR>*<BR><BR>HTH,<BR>Jairo<BR>

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    WZJN Guest

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    Thank you for the reply!<BR><BR>Now, as to the REDIRECT, the article states that one is not needed!<BR><BR>Also - if I do indeed add a REDIRECT statement, where am I to tell it to be redirected to? All I want to do is click the image and have it go to the underlying HREF.<BR><BR>The example is clear about this, however, the code provided is not participating.<BR><BR>Any help is appreciated - help me see the clear path!<BR><BR>WZJN

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    Jairo Guest

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    WZJN,<BR>You redirect it to an asp page that you create, i.e.<BR>REDIRECT YourAdRot.asp<BR><BR>In YourAdRot.asp, you can just have a line:<BR>Response.Redirect( Request.QueryString("url"))<BR>That should do it. If not, let me know.<BR><BR>HTH,<BR>Jairo<BR>

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