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    Hi,<BR><BR>I recently created a login page and have a query in assigning a time limit for the user to remain in the designated secured pages. I have included an "include file" in the pages I wish to secure and the code is below.<BR><BR>Is there a way that I can assign a time-out period that will require the user to login after say 5 minutes.<BR><BR>I appreciate any help.<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>if Request.Cookies("user") &#060;&#062; "" then<BR> session("submitted")="false"<BR> else<BR> &#039send them back to login page<BR> Response.Redirect "login.asp"<BR> Response.End<BR>end if<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>

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    you will have to have the session timeout in IIS set to 5 min, or 300 seconds or you can try setting it in your global.asa

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