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    All this hype about, I finally get comfortable with plain ol&#039 asp and now i gotta git used to this new breed. Anyways... my question is how, and where can I learn about I know miscrosoft is offering a beta download but i think it&#039s like 30 megs? (i may be wrong..) and i just don&#039t have that kinda online time to wait! AND when it is available will they have a version I can run on PWS so i can dive into it right away? I don&#039t have access to a nice big juicy NT server so all my development occurs on my laptop. I&#039ll need on it to learn no? Please help, any info would make my ice cream taste much better! <BR><BR>thx

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    ASP.NET is a 111 MB download! You can learn more about it at:<BR><BR>-and-<BR><BR><BR>Eventually, when it RTMs, I&#039d wager you will be able to get it on a CD quite easily. Keep in mind that it&#039s still a number of months away from being officially released... there is still plans for a Beta2 to be released before the final RTM and we&#039re only in Beta1.

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