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    I want to create a web site and would require a database like MS Access or sql server6.0. <BR>How do I get started? <BR><BR>(1) How do I get a space in an internet server? Any suggestion for ISP or web host? <BR>(2) How do I put my application in the server? <BR>(3) How can I have a database?<BR>(4) What are the software I need? <BR><BR>Will you please suggest a book, a tutorial in the internet or series of tutorials or other resources that I can refer to? <BR>My gratitude to you. <BR>

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    surely your powers of observation are sharp enough to note that everyone else gives some sort of indication of the question they&#039re going to ask?<BR><BR>Anyway. there are hundreds, literally, of articles for asp beginners<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>and so on.<BR><BR>Get a book, any one will do as long as you like the way it&#039s written - that&#039s the important thing, so look through a few at a decent bookshop. Your choice of database is likely to be influenced by your budget, or what you have already installed, but any ODBC - compliant database is usable with ASP.<BR><BR> has a listing of webhosts. brinkster ( does ASP and Access DBs for free. You&#039ll also need PWS on your own machine for testing. it&#039s on the windows 98 CD under extras or on the Windows NT download site on the NT 4.0 option pack. if you have Win2k its on the install CD<BR><BR>j

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