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    I&#039m trying to take (multiple) user entered values (in textboxes) and multiply those values times each datafield value - where each user value multiplied by the datafield value will become a new variable to be stored in an HTML (material sheet) format for printing. I know not - how to even accomplish this - I&#039ve made all DB connections but I can&#039t figure out how to create this "multiplier module". If anyone can help - It would be MUCH appreciated and worthy of any service that I could render.<BR><BR>Thanks Guys -

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    I&#039m afraid I don&#039t follow you. You want to multiply each DB value by the product of all the user-entered values??? I somehow doubt that&#039s what you mean.<BR><BR>And do you mean you want to do this in ASP so that the *next* displayed page has the results? Or do you mean you want the multiplies to happen right then and there in the same page?<BR><BR>How about an example? No need to format it; just show fields that will be displayed, then show it with data filled in by user, then show expected result. <BR><BR>

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