I&#039ve had to completely recover my SQL databases for multiple websites. I had to recover them by re-installing the server from scratch (win nt 4.0, iis 4), re-installing SQL (7.0) and then manually re-attaching the .mdf and .ldf files in the fresh install of SQL. I then re-created the 32 Bit ODBC connections using the same names as before...<BR><BR>I can get the web pages to login to the database, but after that they give me errors such as:<BR><BR>[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Invalid object name &#039tblResume&#039.<BR><BR>tblResume does exist in the database and no code in the page has changed (since it was working prior to all of this mess). I&#039ve kept all of the naming the same except for the user name that the database logs in as... &#039WEB&#039 instead of &#039WWW&#039.<BR><BR>Not sure what else to look for.. I have noticed that the database tables still show the old WWW user as the owner of the table, but the WWW user does not exist in the new SQL install. The new &#039WEB&#039 user name has all necessary rights to access the tables, etc.. (as far as I know).<BR><BR>Any insight would be appreciated!!<BR><BR>Rhese - rhese@txnetworks.com