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    ok i have a problem. i have this asp page that dumps info into a database. i have a server set up on my computer and have been testing it from here and it all works fine. no problems. however i want to post it all up to this other server on another computer. i have used pc anywhere to do the exact same thing on this other computer that i did to mine however i get a "database unknown" error whenever i try to test it. am i missing something? here is what i am using in my code to connect to the database:<BR><BR>data_source = "DRIVER=Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb);DBQ=" & Server.MapPath("form.mdb")<BR> sql_insert = "insert into users (FirstName, LastName,ect..) values (&#039" & _<BR> FirstName & "&#039, &#039" & LastName & "&#039, &#039"ect... <BR><BR>Set con = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR> con.Open data_source<BR> con.Execute sql_insert<BR>

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    Rhese Guest

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    Chrissy:<BR><BR>Did you set up the appropriate 32 Bit-ODBC connections on the new machine? and does it point to the right location for the database?<BR><BR>Rhese

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    A few things to verify:<BR>1. was the database file copied to the new server?<BR>2. Is the databse file reside on a different server, other than the web server?<BR>3. does the new server have an ACCESS ODBC driver installed?<BR>4. are appropriate NTFS permissions granted for the database file? Anonymous Account or Authenticated User

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