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    Hi, <BR> I read through articles on excluding pages from cache, and added appropriate code to my asp page. When I access it though, it still appears in the "Temporary Internet Files" folder, although the "EXPIRES" date in Explorer DOES show IMMEDIATELY as yesterday&#039s date. A few questions on this: <BR><BR> 1). Why is this page appearing in cache? I thought that the purpose of the lines on the ASP page was to prevent the page from being stored in cache. <BR><BR> 2). If there were sensitive info being displayed on the page, would it be recoverable with an expired ASP page if you cut and pasted it from the "Temp Internet Files" folder? <BR><BR> 3). The reason I&#039m trying to perform "no-cache" is so that the ENTIRE page renews with each hit. When I change a JPG file, though, the old JPG is still the one retrieved. Is there a way to ensure that if a JPG file changes WITHIN a page, that the newest JPG always appears? <BR><BR><BR> Thanks for any help you can shed on this!

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    We&#039ve run into this same problem with multiple projects and never found a solution that works.

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