I&#039ve had to manually recover my SQL Database (SQL7.0 on NT4, IIS4) from the .mdf and log files, and after doing so... my web page returns the following connection error:<BR><BR>The request properties can not be supported by this ODBC Driver.<BR><BR>To see the error yourself go to:<BR><BR>http://www.smcwcc.org/CategoryList.asp?Category=D<BR><BR>I&#039m also receiving an error on a different page that says:<BR><BR>[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Invalid object name &#039tblEvents&#039.<BR><BR>Se it yourself at:<BR><BR>http://www.smcwcc.org/events.asp<BR><BR>but tblEvents is in the database... I think that these errors are both related to the ODBC issue? but I&#039m not positive.<BR><BR>I&#039ve not changed anything within the database or with the code on the pages since it worked last. And I&#039m using the same ODBC name that I was using prior to having to recover the server. However, it is possible that I&#039m running an a newer/older version of MDAC.. but I&#039m not sure about that because I don&#039t know what version I was running before.<BR><BR>Any insight would be appreciated.<BR><BR>Rhese - rhese@txnetworks.com