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    Dave Stuart Guest

    Default Timeout problem

    My ISP has just lowered the Timeout on my site to 15 seconds (this is very low). It was 60 seconds, the Microsoft standard is 90 seconds. <BR>I now need to break up my script into sections in order to run without timing out. Is there a method I can use to allow the script to run right through without have user input to fire off each stage.

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    SPG Guest

    Default server.timeout, I think...

    I believe you can set each page to have its own specific server.TimeOut = integerInSeconds value, but check the official documentation (it&#039ll be under the Server object, I know that...)<BR><BR>Don&#039t feel bad about not knowing it; I&#039ve only ever used it once when picking up 20MB file uploads...<BR><BR>HiH<BR>SPG

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    Dave Stuart Guest

    Default RE: server.timeout, I think...

    Excellent. It works great, thanks very much.<BR>I have set the Server.ScriptTimeout=120 on my Connection Include file so I should never have another problem.

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