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    Sarada Guest

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    if it is not possible to avoid the confirmation box, is it possible to edit the buttons in it so that i can delete &#039CANCEL&#039 button leaving the user the only choice of clicking &#039OK&#039 button. is it possible to do so by implementing any interface or any other alternative<BR><BR>thanks<BR>Sarada

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    Steve Cimino Guest

    Default Already answered -- see below


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    There is trick i have done in vbscript. I discovered it after a long research make the buttons width and height to 0 when u dont want to show them on page and set them back to default when u need them. Store the default size of button as constant and retrive them when needed. Hope this helps

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    Steve Cimino Guest

    Default Not the question

    She&#039s talking about the confirm dialog box buttons -- not buttons on an HTML page.<BR><BR>Button size cannot be changed dynamically on Netscape.

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    Sarada Guest

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    Thanks a lot for your responses. but my question was in continuation to another question that i posted on JScript Q&A under the heading &#039closing a window&#039 and it got posted to ASP Q&A by mistake.

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