I have a problem modifying a webshop I haven&#039t built. <BR>It&#039s built in ASP (of course) and Ms SQL Server 6.5<BR><BR>I need to get each and every varibel by it self. But <BR>This webshop uses a this to get a HTML-table full of <BR>information into the web-browser. <BR><BR>GenContentHTML(xx)<BR><BR>Is this a function that is predefined in ASP or did <BR>the developers define this themselves? <BR><BR>I have no experince with Ms SQL Server and haven&#039t been <BR>able to locate the table I&#039m looking for to get all the <BR>variables, if I could do this I would probably manage to <BR>solve the problem.<BR><BR>Please help... <BR><BR>Steffo<BR>(Sorry for the poor english)