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    yls Guest

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    allKeys = RS.GetRows &#039 convert RS to an array!<BR><BR>recCount = UBound( allKeys, 2 ) + 1<BR><BR>choose = Int( Rnd * recCount ) + 1<BR><BR>hi, i used to above to get random records. BUT i am getting the same records all the time! please help... i add the keyword RANDOMIZE before recCount = UBound( allKeys, 2 ) + 1<BR>AND it works BUT it will go greater than the no of size records in the array..<BR>

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

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    To get random numbers you MUST use the Randomize statement. As for the Id being greater than the number of records in the array, have you remembered that the array starts at 0. So if your table has 50 records, the array elements will be numbered 0-49. <BR><BR>I think that this will work for you<BR>Allkeys = Rs.GetRows<BR>recCount=Ubound(AllKeys,2) + 1<BR>Randomize<BR>choose = Int(Rnd * recCount)

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