Hi all,...<BR>it&#039s either a very stupid error or it is a major technical flaw in Ms siteserver 3.0, commerce server&#039s DIRECTMAILER Utility... <BR>My ou=members container is namespace-partitioned into several sub-containers... ou=t1, ou=t2 etc... now my members reside into this subcontainers... so if there is a member named nikhil in the sub-container "t1", his DN path wud be cn=nikhil,ou=t1,ou=members,o=membershipServer ok... <BR>BUt when i import my data from an ANALYSIS database and try to form a MAILING list based on some conditions from this database, DIRECT MAILER JUST doesnt send the mails... the direct mailer logs in the system 32 directory indicate an error which says" BAD_DN"...i.e. bad distinguished name... but the distinguised is name is as shown and is correctly visible from the Siteserver MMC....<BR> So what i want to know is that will DIrectMailer fail to operate if my Ou=members container is partitioned into subcontainers....<BR>please guys.... f1!<BR><BR>nike`