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    This may not be the place to post this question, but I hope that I could be directed to the right forum.<BR>I want to create a web site and would require a database like MS Access. <BR>How do I get started?<BR><BR>(1) How do I get a space in an internet server? Any suggestion for ISP or web host?<BR>(2) How do I put my application in the server?<BR>(3) What are the software I need?<BR><BR>Will you please suggest a book, a tutorial in the internet or series of tutorials or other resources that I can refer to? <BR>My gratitude to you.<BR>

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    Have you registered a domain name or are you looking fr a host type like AOL that supports Active Server Pages?

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    This is from Shouk: I don&#039t have a registered domain name yet. I am not looking for a host like AOL;

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