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    Default 2 issues for the techies in charge of this Message

    2 issues for the techies in charge of this Message-Board.<BR><BR>Hi to you all;<BR><BR>Mi name is Aaron and I’m one of the lead developers at a Toronto software company. I have been visiting, asking and contributing on the m-board occasionally for quite some time. Overall I’m very happy with the service – keep up the good work guys!<BR><BR>Two issues come to mind. The first is to report a flaw; the 2nd is a side (unrelated) webpage suggestion.<BR><BR>Flaw: whenever I try to open any message board (the main menu message tree of any topic) with Netscape 4.x and greater – the browser freezes. Happens every time. I’dunno maybe it’s just me, but I’ve tried this recently with my desktop PC, laptop, and someone else’s computer – all same verdict. I remember this issue happening almost a year ago and I am appalled that until today it hasn’t been fixed (whatever is causing this). This is not an issue with Netscape 3.x. and I have not tried the new v.6.<BR><BR>(Unrelated) Suggestion: One of the m-board features I like is the ability to preview the messages before posting. I noticed that if you decide to click “edit”, the HTTP form action + contents are submitted back to the server, and from there it generates the previous “form page”. To my knowledge this is an unnecessary waste of server resources, since you can accomplish this exact same result on the client side by pressing the back/previous button. How? through JavaScript – naturally. For example:<BR><BR>&#060;script language=”JavaScript”&#062; &#060;!--<BR>function LastPage()<BR>{<BR>history.back();<BR>return (false);<BR>}<BR>//--&#062;&#060;/script&#062;<BR>&#060;form action=”edit-form.asp” onSubmit=”return LastPage()”&#062; <BR>&#060;input type=”submit” value=”Edit”&#062; . . .and so on.<BR><BR>If the browser is JavaScript enabled, the script instructs the client side browser to jump back one page (to the type/edit form) and server resources are not used. If the browser is NOT JavaScript enabled; the script does not get in the way and it carries out the HTTP action to the server – the way it’s always been. <BR><BR>Then again, you guys may have a specific reason for doing it this way (i.e.: you may want to track all the times people have pressed the “edit” button - or what not). But if you don’t, then here is one small step to save resources and make things work faster!<BR><BR>Aaron<BR>

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    Default not really on topic, bu hey...

    how come you haven&#039t tried netscape 6 yet? it&#039s the standards based browser at present.....<BR><BR><BR>j

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