I am working on an ASP form for my business (and practice) that my employees can use to record information that comes through the company on a daily basis. The first form is a simple login page where they enter their first name (&#060;INPUT TYPE="TEXT" NAME="FIRSTN" SIZE="10"&#062;), Last name (&#060;INPUT TYPE="TEXT" NAME="LASTN" SIZE="10"&#062;), and then their supervisor (&#060;SELECT ID="TM"&#062;) with a submit button where the page get&#039s processed on the true form. The information is shoved into a Cookie:<BR><BR> Dim FirstName<BR> Dim LastName<BR> Dim Names<BR> Dim Man<BR><BR> FirstName = Request("FIRSTN")<BR> LastName = Request("LASTN")<BR> Names = FirstName + " " + LastName<BR> Man = Request("TM")<BR><BR> Response.Cookies("CookieName")("Names") = Names<BR> Response.Cookies("CookieName")("Manager") = Man<BR><BR>In the this new page is has fields automated through TIME and DATE but also I have Request.Cookies("CookieName")("Manager") and Request.Cookies("CookieName")("Names") to automate the fields for that information. Upon reset or submittion of the form it refreshes itself and those fields values disappear. The cookie values are being overwritten. <BR><BR>I have tried to put the cookie formation script into a VBScript function that is done through the OnClick or OnSubmit eventhandlers and it still doesn&#039t work. Help me please<BR>