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    Hi,<BR>I need to create DB(SQl Server7),and I am just wondering,why<BR>should I bother giving to e.g. Price,ZipCode etc. fields data types like money,int and so on.Since data comes like string,and I<BR>need just to insert them in DB,to show user and etc.I don&#039t do any math or smth. like that.Can I just use e.g.varchar(of course except identity...),it will make life easier??Or I am not getting smth.<BR>Thank you.

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    numeric datatypes take up less memory, so they&#039ll retrieve (very marginally) quicker, and take up less room in the DB, and you never know when, in the future, you&#039ll be required to do some calculation on them. Best do it right first time, eh?<BR><BR>j

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