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    ok here&#039s a stupid question. <BR>response.redirect("info.asp?name=" & name ) <BR><BR>what if i want to redirect more than one variable? like i would like to send the name and the email information at the same time

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    You just keep on concatenating to the end with a separator of &#039&&#039 in between. Go to and click on a message to view a URL with an example.<BR><BR>Here&#039s one:<BR><BR><BR>The Site is 588, P is 2, etc...

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    Hai see the following example<BR><BR>sUrl = "url.asp?ID1=" & ID1valueorvariable & "&ID2=" & ID2valueorvariable & "&id3=" & id3valorvar & "&loginname=" & cstr(sloginname) & "&sCompanyID=" & sCompanyID & "&sPage=" & Trim(spage)<BR><BR>then,use the following<BR><BR><BR>Response.Clear() <BR>Response.Redirect (sUrl)<BR><BR><BR>if u hv ASP3.0 try to use either server.execute or server.transfer.. it makes perfect<BR><BR>ok.. any doubts contact me thru<BR><BR>bye<BR><BR>

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