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    Tony Guest

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    I&#039ve got another dilemna for you guys to ponder over.<BR><BR>Now that I&#039ve finished our company&#039s online trouble ticket system, my superiors want me to create an online timesheet system. I&#039ve got everything set up and running fine, if you need the data structure, I can post it.<BR><BR>Once a user has filled everything out, my superiors have asked that there be a submit button to send all of this information to payroll. The catch: Payroll will NOT accept any time sheets unless they are in an Excel template (which I also designed).<BR><BR>Right now, our database is in the process of being converted from Access 2000 to SQL Server 7.0, so I have that to worry about that.<BR><BR>THE REAL QUESTION! :)<BR><BR>Is there ANY way to take data from a database, and input it into specific fields into an Excel spreadsheet, and then e-mail THAT spreadsheet to Payroll? We&#039ve had problems with CDONTS in the past, my mind is just reeling from this.<BR><BR>Better yet, is there a way to incorporate an Excel spreadsheet into an ASP page, saving me lots of trouble?<BR><BR>Tony

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    HAve you TRIED it?? IE does that automatically. <BR><BR>Export to excell then just set the href to the fils and it will open in the broswer itself

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    you can create an instance of excel in asp as<BR>server.createobject("Excel.Application")<BR> <BR>i&#039m not sure of the properties and methods.do research at msdn.microsoft.com

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    Tony Guest

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    Thanks for the pointer! That&#039s all I needed.<BR><BR>Tony

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    Dan Donahue Guest

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    I tried the following code but it didn&#039t work:<BR><BR>&#060;A href="C:My DocumentsBook1.xls\"&#062;&#060;/a&#062;<BR><BR>Any ideas? Thanks.

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