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    Bill Clark Guest

    Default Access Query seems to hang

    I made a script that queries an Access database and returns the first 10 results to the user. If there are say 20 results then when I click to show page 2 the results aren&#039t returned. Both IE and Netscape just seem to stall. However, if I close the browser down and restart it and then do the same query, it seems to work just fine. But then if I re-query the database for another search string then no results are returned. Again both browsers just seem to stall. I can&#039t tell if it&#039s something I coded wrong or if it&#039s because I&#039m asking Access to do something it wasn&#039t designed to do or what. Any thoughts? Oddly enough, I used some sample "Paging a Recordsource" code off of the Microsoft Knowledge Base and it to had the same problem.

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    Default Show us your code!

    You wrote:<BR><BR>" I can&#039t tell if it&#039s something I coded wrong"<BR><BR>WELL WE CAN&#039T EITHER! And that is because we do not have the luxury of seeing your code. You have a much better chance of solving the problem because you can see it.<BR><BR>Get real!

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