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    Hi, Im trying to make a wap application using asp to connect it to a database. Ive found some code that is meant ot do the connectivity trick but I dont know how to use it. Do I save it as a wml file or do I make it an asp file and have it called at the right time? my nokia toolkit wont accept even correctly written asp. and how do you save it within an application, as .wml or as .asp? please help<BR> tom

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    Hi,<BR><BR>I believe you save it as an ASP file, but you add the correct mime types on your IIS/PWS box to control the header information being sent back to the phone. This will render the response stream correctly for the phone to emaulate.<BR><BR> has some articles on WAP/ASP access. try searching there for more info !<BR><BR>IQ

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