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    Sarada Guest

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    i am giving u a piece of code.can u help me in getting rid of the error and plz let me know asap.....<BR><BR>&#060;script&#062;<BR>window.clos e(); // this closes the existing window.<BR>; // this opens a new window.<BR>&#060;/script&#062;<BR><BR>the problem is that as it closes the old window it asks me for a confirmation and i don&#039t want that thing to happen. i want to close it without giving a choice to user to go back. i tried addressing the existing window by calling it(main, parent, this, etc..) but still i get the same message.<BR><BR>It says something like this " do you wish to close this window " and shows ok and cancel buttons.<BR><BR>To execute the above piece of code just copy the code to a notepad and save it as .HTML and try to interpret it in the browser. you will get what i want to ask.<BR><BR>can u help me out please<BR><BR>sarada<BR><BR>

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    CPeinado Guest

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    The Confirmation box will ALWAYS come up if you try to close the main window.

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    As stated by CPeinado, you cannot close the main window without being prompted, but what I usually do is that the main window usually pops up a new browser window then when the user is finished with it, it closes down and focus returns to the main window. I don&#039t see any point in closing the parent window after it pops up the new window, if that is what you are trying to do.

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    Sarada Guest

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    if it is not possible to avoid the confirmation box, is it possible to edit the buttons in it so that i can delete &#039CANCEL&#039 button leaving the user the only choice of clicking &#039OK&#039 button. is it possible to do so by implementing any interface or any other alternative <BR><BR>thanks for your responses<BR>Sarada

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